Empowering the next generation for change




Building a brand new school campus to bring hundreds of children off the streets and on to an empowered future!

  • World geography program
  • Multi-level math programs
  • Environmental science program
  • Solar energy program
  • Teen sexual morality program
  • Adult HIV/Aids education program
  • Agriculture education
  • Children’s Christian programs



  • Funding and installing a generator and hard wiring of the main school for ongoing electricity to run water pumps and offer opportunities for higher education (nov 2015)
  • Funding the construction of sanitary washrooms for children in school
  • Funding towards well digging and the construction of a bread oven
  • Painting classroom for a brighter learning environment
  • Building more classrooms
  • Building a pavillion for feeding children



  • Providing health clinics during missions assessing for malnutrition, infection, illness. Providing medication or funding for doctor care.
  • Stocking an onsite pharmacy of basic medications and supplies
  • Creating a village healthcare worker program to train leaders in the community for assessment and treatment of the ill



  • Planting of a sustainable Moringa crop used as a nutritional supplement in meals offered to school children as well as children on the street.
  • Planting a vegetable crop to supplement food costs and teach agronomy.

Safe Water


  • Provided TREKKER portable water purification systems
  • Installed a permanent AR-5 water purification system in the main school

Basic Aid


  • Funding for food
  • Providing shoes and clothes
  • Providing teaching supplies
  • Providing toys and games